Steel Stockholding

Searching for a Tapered Flange Channels (RSC)?  See below.

Below is our list of stocked Tapered Flange Channels (RSC). We are London’s biggest steel stockholder of steel beams, columns, plates and angles. We are here to help.

We stock a wide variety of parallel flange channels in various sizes to accommodate any task you undertake. Our Tapered Flange Channels (RSC) can be installed within a few hours.

Tapered Flange Channels (RSC)


Tapered Flange Channels (RSC), also known as Mild Steel Channel or Structural Steel C Section or Channel.

We are able to supply standard stock lengths or cut your material to any length you require. Shotblasting and Priming is also available.

KGF Fabrications Ltd. supply a large range of Parallel Flange Channels (PFC) that can be tailored to fit any project’s / clients needs. We are also able to deliver 24 hours after your order is made.

Dimension Key

Below are details of the dimension key for slide number two, showing the diagram of a generic universal beam.

dDepth of section (mm)
bWidth of section (mm)
sWeb of section (mm)
tFlange thickness (mm)
rRoot radius (mm)
fDepth between fillets (mm)


Specifications:BS EN 10025 : 2004 S355JR (50B)
Tolerance: BS EN 10034

Tapered Flange Channels (RSC)/ Mild Steel Channel Stock List:

(MM)(KG/ M)(MM)(MM)(MM)(MM)
40 x 20 x 52.4940204.80
51 x 25 x 53.4851.
76 x 38 x 76.776.